Mariana Ferreira da Silva Nogueira

Experience in corporate agreements with emphasis in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating highly complex contracts and in regulatory affairs. She has prior experience in Aviation Law and Immigration Law.

Academic Background

  • Master’s in International Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo (FDUSP) – ongoing.

  • Bachelor of Law from Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP).

  • Academic Exchange in International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).

Awards and Recognitions

  • Honorable Mention in the Course Conclusion Paper for the bachelor’s degree of Law from Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP).


  • Co-author of the chapter “Fragmentation of Refuges in Brazil: the various mechanisms for regularizing forced migration” (In: Jubilut, Liliana Lyra. (Org.. Human Rights and Vulnerability and Forced Migrations, 2022, p. 272-310) .

  • Co-author of the chapter “Application for Recognition of Refugee Status: reflections on the implementation of Sisconare. (In: Jubilut, Liliana Lyra. (Ed.). Human Rights and Vulnerability and International Refugee Law, 2021, p. 394-417).

  • Co-author of the chapter “Social Construction of the State of Emergency and Migration Governance. State Decree No. 24,469-E as a Watershed. (In: Baeninger, Rosana. (Ed.) Venezuelan Migrations, 2018, p. 57-67).

  • Co-author of the article “Migration and Coronavirus: an overview of the actions of the city of São Paulo in the first quarter of the pandemic” (Academic Center XI of August, 2020)

Academic Experience

  • Researcher in the Comparative Law Study Group at FDUSP (2020-2022)

  • Constitutional Law teaching assistant at PUC/SP (2019-2020)

  • International Relations Law teaching assistant at FDUSP (2021)

  • Coordinator of the extension project “ProMigra – Projeto de Promoção dos Direitos dos Migrantes” at FDUSP (2017-2020)

  • Editorial Assistant at Cadernos Eletrônicos Direito Internacional Sem Fronteiras (CEDISF) (2021-2022)

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