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Regardless of the market, every infrastructure project faces complex challenges. After all, the projects have countless development stages, specific procedures, different interests involved, high invested capital.


And all these challenges result in equally complex legal problems.


Solving these problems requires much more than bringing together different legal practices or having a dedicated area for infrastructure.


A deep know-how of this segment and an integrated and collaborative approach to solve the several legal challenges are required.


It is with this background that Toledo Marchetti Advogados was created.


We are the only law office in the country focused exclusively on the market of infrastructure and construction.


We have brought together professionals with more than 20 years of performance, with the strategic vision of becoming the largest reference in Brazil in the provision of legal services dedicated exclusively to these sectors.


And this is because, unlike the traditional model, each one of our practices is deeply committed to the market and to our clients’ business, whether they are investment funds, investor groups, concessionaires, owners, multilateral organizations, financing companies, construction companies, among others.


Our strategic focus on the infrastructure and construction segment allows us to offer clients a global vision of the business due to the integrated action of the firm, with services for the entire cycle of an infrastructure project.


This means that we advise our clients from the investment decision making to the maturity of an infrastructure asset, focusing on the required ESG approach.


This is how we fit in the different demands of our clients to design customized solutions. They are unique products for each need, putting together multiple interfaces of expertise.


This way, we promote the clients’ main objectives, adding value and bringing positive impacts to the projects.




Toledo Marchetti Advogados understands infrastructure from a cyclical perspective, as investments mature and develop.


We see the “Infra Cycle” in 3 major phases, in which we have specific solutions for the most varied needs:




For Toledo Marchetti Advogados, the “Infra Cycle” works as an investment tool, and is used by the firm to deliver legal solutions to different markets:





To create and deliver the solutions, we set up teams customized for each need. For this integrated performance, the office brings together professionals able to act, within the segment of infrastructure and construction, in the areas of our expertise.




Our work and our strategic focus have been acknowledged and awarded by important national and international legal publications.


These awards distinguish us and motivate us to continue to offer excellent service, with the guarantee of our commitment that the firm will always be a reference in the market.


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