Public and Regulatory Law

Partnerships with the Public Sector


The firm provides legal advice for private partners in the several modes of partnership with the Public Administration in infrastructure projects (economic and social), whether in contracting construction works and services under the Bidding Law (Law No. 8.666 / 93), State-owned Companies Law (Law No. 13.303 / 16) and the RDC (Law No. 12.462 / 11), either within the scope of Concessions or Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).


We operate in the different phases of bidding procedures (national and international) and in the monitoring of contractual management with the public partner, both in the judicial sphere (Writ of Mandamus, Public Civil Action, Administrative Improbity Action, etc.), and the administrative sphere in procedures before the contractor (Public Administration) as well as the regulatory bodies (Regulatory Agencies). We also operate before the control bodies (Federal and State Audit Court) and the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Civil Investigations).


The partnership projects with the Public Administration constitute a complex cycle and, therefore, we provide legal advice capable of presenting strategic legal solutions in any of its phases:




We work in the preparation and presentation of studies and projects for the public sector aiming at the establishment of Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships “PPP” (economic or social) in the field of infrastructure. The work is carried out at the request of the Public Administration by means of an Open Call (Procedure for Expression of Interest – PMI) or by provocation from the private sector (Unsolicited Proposals – PNS).


In addition, we advise the private partner not only in the understanding of the formal aspects of such procedures, in their various phases, and in the preparation of studies that depend on the demonstration of their legal viability, including the presentation of drafts for the legal documents (tender, contract, Term Reference, Law Projects, etc.):


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