Contract Management

The practice of Contract Management of Toledo Marchetti Advogados includes the following services:


  • Working in advance in order to structure and direct the best contractual strategy for the business, facilitating the conduct of contract management in the implementation of the entrepreneurship;
  • Ensure the maintenance of the contractual relationship of the contracting parties, anticipating the resolution of possible conflicts, thereby allowing the fulfillment of contractual obligations and responsibilities;
  • Detect and seek solutions to distortions that could alter contractual conditions agreed upon;
  • Analyze the contractual risks and prepare the foundations, precepts and qualifications that should be included in the client’s proposal;
  • Support to identify contractual management indicators;
  • Training for the project team about the main risks, obligations and responsibilities of the contract;
  • Preparation of the contract management handbook and the communication matrix between the project’s areas and the contracting parties;
  • Monitoring and analyzing of records throughout the execution of the works, such as: construction logbooks, minutes and reports;
  • Advising on the scope management, term and price of the project and its consequences;
  • Assistance in the preparation and negotiation of claims and contractual amendments;
  • Assistance in the partial, total, provisional and definitive acceptance of the project.

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